Is your Organization Ready for E-Learning?

Last week I discussed the value of e-learning readiness surveys as part of an overall strategy to evaluate the effectiveness of non-formal learning initiatives in organizations. The feedback on the survey was so good, I though that I’d delve a little deeper into why you there is training (and business) value in undertaking such a survey, even if only to get a better measurement of your organization’s e-learning capability.

According to Marc Rosenberg:

The questions provided in this survey represent some of the most important strategic issues organizations face when transitioning to e-learning. Certainly there are additional questions and issues that deserve attention; … add your own, organization-specific items.


Now read on…

The questions are grouped into seven categories:

  1. business readiness
  2. the changing nature of learning and e-learning
  3. value of instructional and information design
  4. change management
  5. (reinventing) the training organization
  6. the e-learning industry
  7. personal commitment to developing e-learning

Each category in the E-Learning Readiness Survey is as important as any other. According to Rosenberg “…a total of your responses is less meaningful than your own analysis of each individual item.”

Here are some things to think about when you review your responses, which are measured on a 0-5 Likert scale:

  • Any item with a response of 0-1 could be a show-stopper. The low rating may indicate resistance to change, and/or a lack of readiness/capability on the part of people, infrastructure or the organization as a whole. Here is where you should concentrate your change management efforts to move the rating further to the right; your e-learning strategy won’t be successful until you do.
  • Any item with a response of 2 or 3 indicates that progress is being made, but more effort would be worthwhile to avoid any disruption of your momentum or other unforeseen potholes. These are areas where opportunities for improvement may be easiest.
  • Any item with a response of 4 or 5 indicates considerable progress. These are your success stories. Use them to help bring up the other areas of your strategy. For example, if you have strong senior management support, but you’ve sensed too much focus on technology alone, you might want to develop some communications from supportive managers that will help people understand the broader issues beyond the technology.


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August 03 2010 03:30 pm | e-learning

2 Responses to “Is your Organization Ready for E-Learning?”

  1. The 101 Course for Online Learning | Cyber Blooms on 03 Aug 2010 at 7:00 pm #

    […] Is your Organization Ready for E-Learning? | E-Learning Curve Blog […]

  2. Cheryl McNeil on 17 Feb 2011 at 4:18 pm #

    This is a good analogy of the mind set of an organization and determining whether they are ready. Just read another blog about gearing an organization up for change. It’s a scary concept for many orgs. And many wait until it is too late to implement necessary changes and the results are drastic.

    I actually put together a elearning ready checklist that relates to their existing source content/material. Posted on my downloads page. Thanks for sharing this!