E-Learning Curve Podcast New Episode: Introduction to Constructivism

Chris Argyris, Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School, has made significant contributions to the development of organizational learning theory and experiential learning.

According to Professor Argyris

“Any company that aspires to succeed in the tougher business environment …must first resolve a basic dilemma: success in the marketplace increasingly depends on learning, yet most people don’t know how to learn. What’s more, those members of the organization that many assume to be the best at learning are, in fact, not very good at it.”

(Argyris, C. 1991)

The E-Learning Curve Podcast: Introduction to Constructivismimage

In this episode of the E-Learning Curve Podcast, I introduce and discuss the basic concepts behind the theory of Constructivism.

Over the next couple of weeks (taking digressions where appropriate) I will examine the significance of Professor Chris Agyris’s work on on organizational learning systems (focusing in particular on single-loop and double-loop learning) on organizational learning systems.

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Argyris, C. (1991) Teaching Smart People How to Learn. Harvard Business Review Reflections 4(2). [Internet]. Available from: http://www.velinperformance.com/downloads/chris_argyris_learning.pdf [Accessed 12 October 2009]