From E-Learning Planet – Blog Post of the Week

My recent post ‘The Impact of the Current Economic Crisis on E-Learning: February ‘09 LCBBQ‘ has been chosen as E-Learning Planet’s Pick of the Week, which is nice.

According to

Millions of e-learning Web sites are available in Cyberspace. There are Web sites that include only e-learning blogs; some include e-learning forums, information on e-learning jobs, reviews on e-learning products, and so on. But, very few Web sites post information that covers all aspects of e-learning.

We select the ‘Blog Post of the Week’ when a post meets one or more of the following parameters:

  • Includes useful information on developing an e-learning course with trenchant instructional design strategies
  • Provides information on the latest technology, news, and events in the e-learning industry
  • Includes information that is useful and neutral to all e-learning professionals

Well done too, to Donald ‘Plan B’ Clark for getting the Blogger of the Week gong.