Irish Learning Showcase 2010 in Dublin

I’m taking a break from discussing how to evaluate e-learning projects today. I want to tell you about the Irish Learning Showcase 2010, taking place in Dublin, Ireland on July 21st and 22nd. 800px-HalfPennyBridge

This suits me very well because I live in Dublin, which means (for once) I’m not traveling to New York, or Washington, or London, or where ever these conferences usually take place.

The event is an Irish Learning Alliance and Enterprise Ireland initiative, and it will be located in the Guinness Brewery’s Storehouse on the south quays of the River Liffey, just a mile or so from Dublin City Centre, so you can cross the world-famous Ha’Penny Bridge and enjoy a pint of the Black Stuff with contributors like Jay Cross, David Mallon, Larry Israelite, and Jane Hart.

If you’re a regular reader of the E-Learning Curve Blog, you already know that Ireland has a vibrant technology and knowledge-based industrial economy, and one of the domains we excel in, is in e-learning. Ireland is one of the world’s strongest centers of e-learning expertise, and has been at the forefront of innovation in learning and technology in education for nearly three decades.

Most, if not all of you involved in the e-learning industry have at least heard of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, SmartForce, and Electric Paper, for example. These large companies notwithstanding, there are over fifty ‘other’ e-learning development houses in the country. Not bad for a country with a population of under 5 million people.

The Irish Learning Alliance (not a plug – I’m not a member) provides a centralized access point to a group of companies that ila_logospan the spectrum of e-learning capabilities, from off-the-shelf and custom content development, to supplying e-learning services and technologies. The ILA and its member companies have industry experience, a proven ability to work together to deliver powerful solutions, and are making investments in the future in order to sustain and increase their leadership position within the industry.

Topics being discussed at the Irish Learning Showcase 2010 will include:

  • Jay Cross of Internet Time Group discussing Informal Learning
  • David Mallon of Bersin & Associates discussing defining a Social Learning strategy and
  • Larry Israelite of Liberty Mutual discussing Talent Management.

work_smater_fieldbook Not only but also: Jay, Jane and Charles Jennings, three of the co-authors of The Working(ing) Smarter Fieldbook will be signing copies of the text at its official European launch on the second day of the Showcase.

Not to be missed, in my view.

For more information, contact Enterprise Ireland’s Boston office on (617) 235-1600 or email Sharon.Kaliouby@Enterprise-Ireland.com

…and I might even see you there!


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