Learning Technology Products 2009 Report out now

The number of available tools and technologies for online employee training continues to grow each year. Hundreds of content authoring tools, learning management systems, and learning content management systems are currently available.

Brandon Hall Research, providers of information about the tools, BHReport1 technologies, and best practices related to employee training and enterprise learning have just released a comprehensive new report called Learning Technology Products 2009: Authoring Tools, Learning Management Systems, and Learning Content Management Systems.

The number of tools and technologies for online employee training continues to grow; there are literally hundreds of content authoring tools, learning management systems, and learning content management systems currently available for training professionals to use in the operationalization of their organizations’ learning and development strategy.

To help you get a sense of what’s at hand commercially, Brandon Hall’s 526-page report provides one- to three-page profiles of more than 250 learning technology products.
And, best of all, this report available for free, gratis.

This report contains profiles of the products featured in three Brandon Hall Research KnowledgeBases:

Authoring Tool KnowledgeBase
This online resource contains 20 to 30-page profiles of 100+ tools BHReport2used to create almost any  type of online learning content, including courses, games, presentations, and tests. The Authoring Tool KnowledgeBase provides case studies and success stories that show how high-profile corporate, educational, and governmental organizations have completed their authoring tool selection processes.

Each authoring tool is profiled extensively and provides information on standards, rapid development capabilities, assessment capabilities, language and localization features, simulation capabilities, etc. – all the details you need to find extensible and flexible authoring tools to help you create superior e-learning content.

LMS KnowledgeBase
Containing 40-60 page profiles of 92 systems, the new 2009 edition BHReport3 of the LMS KnowledgeBase is the most comprehensive resource available to help you compare learning management systems and select the system that best meets your needs.

The depth and breadth of this research makes it a valuable resource to practitioners, CLOs, IT staff members, and other key stakeholders. The cost of the research is easily justified in that it helps you avoid costly mistakes and ensures an efficient LMS selection process.

LCMS KnowledgeBase
A learning content management system (LCMS) can elevate your BHReport4 content creation to a new level. An LCMS stores your content as small bits of information that can be modified and reassembled as needed. These systems also act as single-source authoring platforms that can output content to many different formats.

This online resource contains profiles of 38 of the best systems. If you are planning to harness the power and flexibility of an LCMS, this research is the way to go about it. It can help you understand all the details that go into choosing the right LCMS for your organization.

Why’s this report free?
According to Brandon Hall, this report contains a few half- and full-page ads. Support from advertisers allows them to publish this report free of charge. In my view, this free report should become part of your resource toolkit to assist learning professionals select the appropriate technology for organizational learning initiatives.