A Modern Learner’s Toolkit

In September 2017, Jane Hart of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies published the 2017 edition of the annual Top 100 Learning Tools survey, and I published my Top 10 Learning Tools here a few weeks ago. Earlier this month, Jane compiled a Modern Professional Learner’s Toolkit for 2018 based on the Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2017 list.

It’s pretty comprehensive, and includes this super infographic:

Modern Learner's Toolkit infographic (Source: Jane Hart, C4LPT)

Modern Learner’s Toolkit infographic (Source: Jane Hart)

Michael Hanley’s Modern Professional Learner’s Toolkit

I guess it’s incumbent on me to show and tell what’s in my personal bag of learning tricks, so if you’ll forgive the indulgence, here’s my contribution:

My Modern Learning Toolkit

Browser & Search Engine:FirefoxMy workhorse browser
SafariAlways on in the background
ChromeMainly for testing
Trusted Web ResourcesWikipediaA good place to start
BBC News (Web / TV / Radio)Impartial and comprehensive news & current affairs coverage #AuthenticNews
Infed.orgGreat resource for education & learning topics
IT Capability Maturity Framework Body of KnowledgeComprehensive body of knowledge for IT capability management. Subscription required.
Curation Tools:PocketFor when I find something interesting on my smart device and I want to read it later
Browser bookmarksStill use 'em
RBDigitalReader for a wide range of emagazines available through the brilliant Irish Public Library System
BorrowBoxDitto, for books and audiobooks
Course Platforms:MoodleFor my organisation's certified training, and our other learning programmes
Alison.com"Free online courses from the world’s leading experts" (it says here...). Global education delivered from right here in Ireland
Lynda.comGreat for procedurals and technology learning
edXFree courses from the world's best universities. Improve Your Life.
UdemyGet some great courses through their frequent sales
TED TalksAlways inspriational and informative
BBC iPlayerLook under the History and Science & Documentary channels (as well as CBeebies and CBBC for the younger ones).
Social Networks:LinkedInAutolinked to my blog - great way to build a network
TwitterUsing it less and less - it's a cesspit
WhatsAppFor small-group and informal contact with like-minded colleagues
Personal Information System:Apple NotesOn all my devices and computers; synced across all my tech
EvernoteWhen Notes doesn't cut it (advanced formatting etc required)
OneNoteLinked to my MS Teams account in work
TrelloPersonal kanban tool with surprisingly useful note-taking and content management features
DropboxExpansive and secure file storage
Blogging Tool:WordpressThere is no other weblog authoring tool that's so highly featured, and with such a rich ecosystem
Preferred Office Suite:MS Office 2016 for PC / MacNow a comprehensive productivity suite on the Mac, and possibly enhanced by the omission of Access. Office365 features are a nice bonus.
Communication & Collaboration:MS TeamsPowerful distributed team collaboration accessible through one dashboard
Skype (for Business)No-fuss video collaboration tool
Smart Device:iPhone 6S"Dear Santa, it's time I upgraded my phone..."

…and here are some others who have shared their toolkits:

its important to remember that the tools listed above are facilitators or enablers for learning, not courseware or content per se. In my view some or all of them will help you manage or support your personal learning journey.

Next Time: I will return to the topic of Instructional Design


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