New eLearning Guild Industry Survey

The eLearning Guild are producing a new Guild Research Report on the subject of ‘e-Learning Authoring and Development Tools.’

The complete survey includes five sections — each focusing on a different category of tools:

  1. Rapid e-Learning Tools
  2. Courseware Authoring / e-Learning Development Tools
  3. Simulation Tools
  4. Media Tools
  5. Combining & Deploying Authoring Tools

To ensure that this report provides you with accurate and up-to-date information, the Guild would like all members to complete and/or update their Authoring and Development Tools Survey by Monday, September 14th 2009. image

In my view, the eLearning Guild is simply the best community of practice for learning professionals. And it’s free …well, kind of free. Associate Membership costs nothing but the   time it takes you to register and gives you access to some of their publications; acquire full membership and you get a whole lot more information, opinion, and expertise from leaders in our industry – at about 100 bucks a year, you’d be mad not to join!

To Complete the Surveys:
Click here to navigate to the survey page on the eLearning Guild website. If you’re already a member and have not completed or updated a section of this survey over the last year, you’ll already know, because it will say “Incomplete” to the right of the item. Please complete the survey for any – or all – of the five categories listed above if you are using tools in that category.

Open any completed survey at any time to update your answers if the tools you use, or your perception of the tools you use, have changed … and then re-submit the survey. The data we collect from your survey updates enables us to track trends in tool use over time.

So What’s In It For Me, you say? Well, you’ll get that warm fuzzy feeling that you’ve helped your fellow professionals, of course. Of more practical use is that you’ll be able to download a copy of the completed report.