The E-Learning Curve Blog is leaving Blogspot

The E-Learning Curve Blog is moving to a new domain, using a different technology, and will no longer be updated on Blogger/Blogspot.

I have been using Blogger to host my blog for about two years, but I have outgrown that particular space. So, I have moved the E-Learning Curve Blog to my own domain michaelhanley.ie. From Wednesday 14th October 2009 I will only post to this site.

If you follow my blog here on Michael Hanley Consulting (and if you’re reading this post) do nothing – you’re already where you need to be: if you usually read my blog at elearningcurve.blogspot.com I strongly recommend that that you subscribe to the E-Learning Curve Blog by clicking here (site URL) or here (via RSS feed).

The E-Learning Curve Blog at Michael Hanley Consulting has a much better template and look-and-feel, there’s no advertisements (or other distractors), as well as a bunch of extra widgets and links for you to explore.

For the time being, I will leave the E-Learning Curve Blog content that’s already available on Blogger in situ. But not for long.

So stay here at the E-Learning Curve Blog’s new home: there’s still a lot to learn, discover, and understand about Technology in Education!

Michael Hanley, author of the E-Learning Curve Blog

13th October 2009



  1. Cheers Michael, always looking to improve things and make it better for us. Looking forward to the new experience. PeterG

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