The eLearning Guild Announce the Re-launch of Learning Solutions Magazine

Since 2002, the eLearning Guild has published Learning Solutions Magazine. In that time, the magazine has undergone a number of facelifts, but it always remained an e-document distributed in PDF format. That’s now changed, as Learning Solutions Magazine has been re-launched in a new web-based format.

According to the publishers,

Learning Solutions Magazine is now more accessible to its 33,500+ readers in a smart, engaging, and user-friendly interface. Along with the new site, we’ve expanded our editorial agenda and now publish [information] …that you can use with confidence while making critical decisions to ensure your organization’s success with e-learning.

In the last seven years or so, the magazine has featured more than 300 articles — nearly half elg_lsmof them of them are now available on the new site. The rest of the eLearning Guild’s archive will be transitioned to the site in the near future.

This is great news; if you’re a Guild member like me, you’ll recall that it was somewhat of a chore to search and find for older content, something I think that people tolerated because the material you found was typically of very high quality. My preliminary research on the new site seems to make all of the content more accessible to readers through what the eLearning Guild calls “a smart and user-friendly interface.”

Here’s a nice touch: articles more than 90 days old are available to everyone in their entirety. To stay current with articles less than 90 days old, you will need to become a member of the Guild (what do you mean, you aren’t already a member?!)

Learning Solutions Magazine provides feature articles, case studies, reviews, interviews, spotlights, columns, tips and tricks, and news for both e-learning newbies, as well as grizzled old professionals like myself who need to keep current on a range of educational technology issues and current affairs.

As the publishers say themselves:

As the only industry publication offering an insiders perspective that’s focused on supporting e-Learning professionals, Learning Solutions Magazine leads this dynamic industry by serving as a vehicle for the shared distribution of ideas, experience, and knowledge about e-Learning. Hundreds of industry veterans write for Learning Solutions Magazine because they know that this is the premier industry publication for sharing knowledge and peer-to-peer collaboration. If you want to know “how” — as well as the “what” and “why” of e-Learning, read Learning Solutions Magazine!

Learning Solutions Magazine is for anyone involved in the management, design, development, and implementation of e-learning in support of enterprise-wide training efforts. Whether you and your organization are new to e-Learning, or you’re on the leading edge of technology in education, the publication offers just enough, just-in-time  information to keep you up-to-date on the topics that matter in the profession..